I've made a few shaders that I hope other people can find useful too! You can find more details in their repositories.

Silent's Cel Shading Shader

My cel shader for Unity. Designed to react to lighting properly without losing the look of anime. Comes with lots of options to adjust how light affects it... but you don't need to use them. I've also written a manual for it!

Clear Water

A water shader designed to look nice and fit into Unity's lighting without needing specific tweaking. It's got lots of options to alter the depth effects and water appearance.

Fake Lights

A set of shader effects that looks like light, without actually costing as much as a realtime Unity light. Featuring volumetric fog that acts as a soft glow you can use instead of fog for a localised effect.

Standard Subsurface Scattering

A shader designed for characters to give the appearance of subsurface scattering - light that goes through the surface and comes out the other side. This adds a lot of aesthetic realism to skin and cloth despite being really cheap to add!

Neo Panosphere

This shader displays a "panosphere" effect - great for adding extra layers to a skybox, especially in VR. This version has extra features like a mask and a projection bias that lets it stick to the very edge of the camera clip plane, allowing you to cover areas with small meshes that look incredibly distant.

Hair with Anisotropy

A shader designed for characters to give their hair anisotropic highlights, which spread lengthwise.

Tutorials and Documents

I've written some guides on some notable things that I think everyone should be aware of when creating their own content.

Post-Processing and You

This guide covers how to add post-processing to a world. In a HDR environment, tonemapping and bloom are extremely important to get the look right!

Standard Shader and You

This guide gives an overview of the Standard shader in Unity to try and make it more comprehensible to people who aren't already familiar with Unity's rendering - in other words, an overview of physically based rendering for beginners.